How to go on holiday on your own

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I seem to be part of a zeitgeist for solo travel, with more and more people than ever opting to take their vacations on their own, even if they’re in a couple. I’ve been doing it for five years now, and I’m addicted. On my own, I can holiday at my own pace and I can choose to be with other people, or not. I’ve found the freedom exhilarating.

The first holiday, to Thailand, was a huge test for me. I spent the first three days in the hotel, too scared to go outside. But once I did, encouraged by friends texting me, I found the world was waiting for me.

Here are my top tips on solo travel:

Start just outside your comfort zone

The jetty at the Amari Phuket The jetty at the Amari Phuket

Book your first solo holiday in an all-inclusive hotel, or wherever you feel safe. Just flying far away on your…

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Fifty-four-year-old woman flying solo since 2010. Freelance writer, editor, hiker, traveller, yoga teacher. Alcohol-, child-, and hair dye-free.

2 thoughts on “How to go on holiday on your own”

  1. Very interested to read this – I’m thinking to republish my book Travelling Alone: A guide for Working Women (which is in dire need of a new title!) as an ebook. So much has changed since I was doing a lot of solo travel. The publisher wanted me to concentrate on travel for work, as they couldn’t imagine then that women would choose to travel alone for pleasure! And they wanted it to be ‘lightened up’ with jolly cartoons and packing tips, as they couldn’t accept that many of the concerns I dealt with – along with the positive aspects – we’re of interest to many women. Then Suzy Lamplugh disappeared, and that caused a major shift in people’s thinking…

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