“Its power lies in the honesty of her writing”

A wonderful review from a Welsh blogger. Thank you, Susan!
“Her intelligence draws you into the story, her emotional honesty keeps you reading and makes this book a must read.”


On a beach in California, Lisa finds a shell on a rock, its two halves open to the sky. On the outside it is sea-worn and unremarkable, but on the inside it gleams like a jewel. She wonders if it is waiting to be found and cherished – like her.

The shell is the image she uses to set up an online profile that will end her marriage. It leads her to more beaches around the world – to Kenya, Thailand, Turkey, Egypt and India – in search of the freedom to choose how she wants to live. On a beach in Goa, she confronts the grief that she’s been numbing with alcohol, and finds a way to break the lock on a secret she’s been keeping inside her since she was a little girl.

For fans ofEat Pray Loveby Elizabeth Gilbert andWildby Cheryl Strayed, Lisa…

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